Nimkees Renovating and Construction offers general contracting services to homeowners in the Ottawa area. Free on-site estimates from this fully-insured, "referral-based" company. Competitive quotes, quality work, guaranteed results. We stand on our reputation. Our objective is simple: Ensuring that your renovation and new construction dreams are turned into reality, on-time, and on-budget. Quality, Skill, and Personable Staff ensure a smooth project from design to finishing. From the design stages, through drawings, permits, and building; we ensure that our staff maintain your vision and budget. Our architects and structural engineers are well-respected in the City of Ottawa, ensuring problem-free projects. Three things you should know about us:

1. We value your time and your money so we won't ever waste them.
2. We respect your home, so we will take great care to protect it.
3. We don't advertise, so we rely entirely on favorable customer word of mouth reviews.
One last note and that the portfolio that you will look at will give you a close up of my work and that I show you up close the detailing and hard work I strive for to give you the look that you want. There are no cutting corners for quality work. I look forward to working with you Mark Marsolais